"does catria fire emblem know i love her" -miri @triangleattack, many times daily

mastodon dot social user @triangleattack, also known as miri, is the fire emblem lesbian your parents warned you about. she is really gay and loves fire emblem and only ever talks about fire emblem

miri loves catria fire emblem a lot like in a gay way and she will remind you of that all the time. also tobin is her son and she is a proud mother who loves and supports him and she will constantly remind you of that too

hasn't used mastodon for a long time but rest assured she is still very gay

other social media

twitter: catrinerva

tumblr: fireemblemlesbian


y'all can add whatever the fuck here yo


"miri you're gay" -@exampleuser

so yeah y'all can add shit like that if you want

"is a tobin lover" - @tooru

"real heckin gay" - ella tytoffolis

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