Mastodon user Czar, or, @necrobb, has been an avid member since the evening of June 14, 2017.   

Otherwise known as "czar" or "sar", she is also a member of the instance, as well as the one- @necromancy on both. She is 17 years old and lives in Texas, United States of Amerikkka. 

Czar has an about page on Listography in progress, which details her interests.


Czar's family moved to the States in the 90's from Yugoslavia, as refugees of the war. She was born in America, and speaks both Serbo-Croat and English fluently. She describes her ethnicity as Bosnian, Bosnian-American at some times. She is white-complected. She is a proud member of the lgbtq+ community, as she is pansexual. Czar is a Pisces with a Cancer moon, born on March 15th. She is INFP-T, Chaotic Good, and a communist.

Posts and Speech

Czar loves her notorious disrespect for grammar and spelling OnLine, as constructs of society are not enough to bind her ever-flowing stream of thought, despite her love for English and writing. Her vocabulary varies- she addresses groups as "y'all" (she is an advocate for the right of saying "y'all" delegated just to southerners) and individuals as "vro" (originates from xxxTentacion's song, Look At Me).

She's posted much in the topic of the June 16th Food Craze, and about anticapitalism. She sometimes makes personal posts, but prefers the dark realm of shitposting.

Contact / Other Sites

twitter: necrobb

tumblr: necrobby