FANDOM user pawnshopheart, also known as sen, or SENsational is

okay i can't do this i'm NOT gonna type this like an actual serious wiki page

sen is the person who occasionally just posts pictures of kirby to the local timeline, or the same picture of fat pikachu, mostly whenever things get too cursed for him. he also sometimes posts cursed foods to local because inflicting himself upon other people gives him great pleasure

he's 22, nonbinary (and is using he for this page but honestly you can use whatever pronouns you want for him), and pretty funny sometimes

he also has shit taste in music, admittedly

also has never made a wiki page in his life so this is new to him

none of us are valid and we never will be valid, we have all collectively sinned too much for that CORRECTION: we are all valid again

okay just. put ur #testimonials here

be nice tho

sen is Good and valid -miri @triangleattack

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