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Hi, i'm Vivian!

NOTE: This looks terrible in mobile. the table kills it. sorry friends

I'm 19 and I'm from Northern Ontario, Canada

I'm white, and go by she/her. I'm female, and also transgender.

I'm here on twitter, and here on tumblr.

I'm nerdroot#0028 on Discord, feel free to give me a shout.

my server is here if you want to come improve/ruin it

Things i like, in a Fun Table™ because I can't figure out how to delete it ;w; (no particular order)

Art Splatoon Touhou Project Pokémon Programming
Music History Hearts of Iron series My Friends

Civilisation series

jet set radio should be here too i ran out of room in the table but it's Good™. i havent played jsrf though


  • The 2nd-most valid Vivian on the site! Thank you for your support.

i dont care what happens after this add whatever you want just leave the above

go wild guys

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